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Performing across applications while promoting productivity

Starting from the wiring, harnesses and circuit breakers, to switches, gauges and displays, Cat electronics protect assets against short circuits and overloads and create a productive work environment for your team.

We also offer durable controls, displays, gauges, motors and switches that are built to be used through challenging applications, day after day.

Easy Maintenance

Expert technicians can advise you on how to maintain your electronic parts, or maintain on your behalf.

Guaranteed Quality

Our parts are made with the highest-grade materials and designed from the latest technology. Even during smoothing and finishing, we enabled reduced friction and wear.

Fuel Savings

These genuine Cat parts are engineered to work together as a system for industry-leading fuel economy.

1,000+ Electronics Parts

Our nine categories comprise 1,077 parts combined, so you can count on us for your electrical part needs.