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Overhaul and Rebuild

Transform failing assets to perform like-new at a fraction of the price

Kerchanshe Equipment's rebuild and overhaul process covers ten major steps, ensuring that no part or component is overlooked. We only deliver rebuilt equipment when it meets stringent requirements and gets your total satisfaction.

We conduct over 350 tests to ensure your rebuilt asset is like-new, complete with a new serial number and warranty package. With the lifecycle clock set back to zero, you can count on maximum fuel-efficiency and productivity.

25,000 hours

warranty coverage option
for rebuilt assets


depreciation of assets
after rebuild

2 years

minimum warranty
coverage period

Turning declining assets into lucrative investments

Our step-by-step rebuilding process accounts for the health and performance of every part, from the smallest to the largest components, rebuilt to Cat-Certified Rebuild standards.

Our unrivalled Component Rebuild Centres are the ideal base for overhaul, from initial inspections to painting and finishing.


Experts analyse and take apart an asset to carry out a full scope of repair.

  • Maintenance review
  • Initial inspection
  • Disassembly

Major components of the asset are reinforced, replaced or renewed.

  • Reconditioning and engineering updates
  • Power train tests
  • Reassembly

The rebuilt asset is tested, painted, and is issued a new serial number before customer review.

  • Performance testing
  • Repainting
  • New serial number

Service Solutions

Explore the full range of our service offerings, from technology and training to alternative project solutions.